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2nd Annual Broccoli City Festival (Recap)

In celebration of Urban Earth Day, the 2nd Annual Broccoli City Festival took place down the street from the Congress Heights metro station in Southeast Washington, DC on April 19, 2014. As many entered the St. Elizabeths East campus, where the Gateway Pavillion is located, they questioned why the campus was so dead. Were the students not interested in the music festival about to begin on their campus? As it

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Listen: Souls of Liberty – 10,000 Hours (Prod. by Klevah!)

The St. Louis duo, Souls of Liberty have reached the climax of their current campaign with the release of “10,000 Hours”. The 10-track album is fully produced by their STL brethren, Klevah! While many are still discovering the 10,000 hour rule, Souls of Liberty are already beginning to see the fruits of their labor. The Souls welcome anyone seeking inspiration in the form of rhyme and intricate beats to find

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StylePro File: Angela Simmons

Wassup Culture Starved community?! I’m Christopher Mannor, your new Style Contributor in the form of a Young Stylist/Budding Rapper. In a true moment of Yeezus prophesized realization, I give to you for my first contribution, a photoshoot + Q&A with my good fashion friend/client Angela Simmons. Check out what Run’s daughter, Russel’s niece, and everyone’s favorite Fashion Week frequenting socialite/ philanthropist/ entrepreneur has to say about inspiration, fashion meeting music,

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LIVE From The Underground Series Kicks Off

It’s Monday, you’re bored at home, and time is passing you by. You say “well maybe I’ll have fun on Thursday, or Friday, or  Saturday.” With the launch of The UDGRD’s “LIVE From the Underground” series last Monday March 24th, you might just want to reconsider what you do with your Monday nights. Presented in The Dunes, an art gallery in Columbia Heights DC, Live From the Underground served as

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Young Guru Returns to Howard University

On March 6,  legendary studio engineer Young Guru spoke at Howard University in DC for Red Bull Music Academy’s “A Conversation with Young Guru.” Best known for his work with Jay-Z, Young Guru shared a wealth of information about his success and his journey to the top of the music industry. He spoke on his experience at Howard University as well as his success in working with Jay-Z. The event included a genuine

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10 Awesome Music Apps You Should Download

It’s almost that time of year! With SXSW, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Free Summer Press and countless other music festivals coming up, it’s a priority to keep up with your favorite artists and upcoming musical acts. Not to stress, we got you covered. With these music apps and sites, you’re sure to never be disconnected from music. 8tracks A great spin on internet radio, all stations are created by people and not

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STARVED Music: Souls of Liberty – Future Millionaires (Prod. by Klevah!)

  The St. Louis duo, Souls of Liberty has a new single which is an anthem for those who consider themselves to be “young business owners [and] future millionaires”. For anyone who slept on the Souls’ music in 2013, this track is a wake-up call. The Souls of Liberty continue to garner respect on their grind to “10,000 Hours”, their free album release in March. Fellow St. Louis native Klevah! produced the entire project. The visual

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New Electrosoul Music From Columbia Nights

  Columbia Nights is a soultronic production crew group that seamlessly blends analog and digital elements to form a sound rooted in balance. Elements of soul, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music can be found in their work. The sound they produce is described as soultronic. This Valentine’s Day they have released a new track called “HEART AGLOW,”  which is a perfect addition to that baby-making playlist you were working on. “A

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Superflat: Postmodern raps from Donny Murakami

In a world where old-guard rap heads attempt to blur the lines between Hip-Hop and modern art, tossing around various names & prices of long-dead artists and their pieces, it seems as though we’ve lost sight of what we’re all listening for: Raps. If you’ve been listening to recent mainstream rap records and pining for the simpler days rich with rhymes about wave caps, braids, and wanting to commit suicide,

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Outkast Officially Announces Reunion on Website & Twitter

The legendary hip-hop duo OutKast have reunited for the festival season and in turn have launched new Twitter(@Outkast) and Instagram accounts to reach out to their fans and celebrate 20 years asa musical group. With only five tweets posted during the span of five hours, Big Boi and Andre 3000 acquired more than 35,600 followers on Twitter and more than 9,000 followers on Instagram with a single picture. “Returning to the stage together

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