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Some create art for themselves. Some create art for others. Some create because it is all they know.

There’s a story that inspires every piece of art that we consume. There is a mind, a spirit, and a myriad of experiences that goes into every painting, every book, every film, every song, every photo, every film, every creation.

Culture Starved is here to listen to your art stories. We want to hear about your struggles, your fantasies, your nightmares, your day dreams, your pain, your lessons learned, and anything that fueled your work.

We are a community of artists that revels in the energy of other artists, whether it’s music, photography, fashion, literature, or anything else that the right side of the brain managed to produce.

We aim to “feed” the culture “starved” by sharing the stories of young, talented, and innovative artists who are contributing to our generation’s culture.

We want our generation to look back and remember that we created something more than short-lived technologies and bubble gum pop music.

We created art that made us feel. We created art that made us unique.

We created art that revitalized our culture.


Send us your work and stories.

We will contact you for more information if we wish to publish your story.

We would love for you to send us your work and the story behind it. If you don’t quite know where to start, we’d love to hear your perspective on any of the following questions/topics.

how does your work feed the culture starved? + why did you create your work? + what was your state of mind during the creative process? + what was the most frustrating part of creating this piece? + how does your environment influence your work? + confessions + the truth about… + diary of a starving artist + how do you want your work to make people feel? + i make art to __ + what problem(s) do you want your work to solve? + what experience(s) inspired your work + the only thing my work is missing is __ + if it wasn’t for art __  + i want __ to see my art because__


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