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Super Selfie Sundays

Food is a tool, and much like any other tool, it should be used to your advantage. Yes of course to satisfy your hunger, but also to explore new concepts, to challenge your creativity, to form disciplined eating habits and my favorite of all, to treat yourself. I have made the commitment to make Sunday a day for self indulgence and I welcome you to the idea of treating yourself

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The Hunger Games…Literally: The Survival Guide for the Broke and Hungry

And the saga continues. You’re 20-something and on a static income.  You have just enough to pay your bills but not enough to eat? The government won’t give you food stamps? And there’s no one to transfer money into your account. What do you do?! Here are some tips for making it through this time of near death due to starvation. 1. Clean the fridge There is no excuse. If

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Take a Bite! “FOOD” Art Exhibit by Robert Gallardo

STARVED FOR SOMETHING TO DO THIS WEEKEND? If you are located in the Tampa Bay Area you should attend the appropriately titled collaborative art exhibit, “FOOD,” by Robert Gallardo. Serving you an ample portion of Goya beans, Faygo, and the infamous cheap meal of Ramen noodles, are some of the pieces that Gallardo expressed;”…represented me and people with similar socioeconomic status’ grocery list for the most part.” With the release of the flavorful variety pack of Ramen

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Hungry? Visit FoodandLens is a wonderful site to discover African recipes among other international recipes. Mmmmm food porn.   Lusting for more? Visit Facebook

Center of the African Party: Jollof Rice Recipe

Soooo Africans really love rice–especially when it is given all the right spices. Of course this a generalization, but it holds true for most. Go to any party, especially in West Africa, and  you will see aluminum trays of a certain interesting “orange” rice. Jollof rice is a favorite in West Africa, especially Nigeria. We promise (when done right), it is one of the most flavorful dishes that you will ever

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Oreo Lovers Unite! Three Amazing Oreo Recipes

Can’t get enough of that chocolaty goodness? Yeah, neither can we. So out of the goodness in our hearts we’re giving you three awesome Oreo Cookie recipes to satisfy your chocolate desires. You’re welcome. Oreo Rice Krispies Ingredients: 6 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal 20 regular Oreos 5 cups of mini marshmallows 3 Tbsp. of butter   Directions: 1. Spray a 9×13 dish with cooking spray. 2. In a large mixing bowl,

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Dude, Your First Date Entreé Can Prevent You From Getting Laid or Kissed.

To some people it may seem like obsessing to worry so much about what your menu choice will be while on a first date, but in fact, the results of that choice may be the deciding factor in whether or not a second date will happen. Some foods are an obvious no-no in the world of first dates, like anything containing onions without a quick shot of Listerine right next

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Death to the Golden Arches: How to Make Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

  We noticed that McDonalds is making a lot of money off of these Strawberry Lemonade drinks and we have come to the conclusion that IT IS A SET-UP!!! They are so easy to make on your own, so please don’t give those golden arches any more of your money than necessary. As seen on: Ingredients 2 cups ice cubes 1 cup water 1 (6 ounce) can frozen lemonade

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Home for the Holidays? Red Velvet Cookies Recipe

So you finally got your hands on grandma’s baking cabinet… All you need is a super delish holiday recipe that wouldn’t break the bank or take too much money from what’s left of your refund check. Just make some Red Velvet Cookies!!You can use regular Red Velvet Cake Mix and you can even turn the cookies into sandwiches (ex. Oreos).. And (if you share) everyone will love you!! Don’t you

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Dinner Party: Don’t become a hermit this winter

  Winter is slowly approaching and it’s becoming too cold to be sociable, don’t become a hermit, have a dinner party! Have a little get together with a few friends, it’s about the same price as a night out when you do the math, plus we get to enjoy each other’s company and talk (you can’t say the same for a club) We found an excellent article by GQ (Click

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It’s Okay To Cheat On Your Fave Sushi Bar: How To Make Sushi

As food whores, we at Starved often share “how to make a…” videos during our lunch break. We thought this one was worth sharing with you guys as we are amazed by the fact that we don’t actually have to wait 10 hours for a table at the hottest sushi bar in town. Mind-blowing actually. We found this searching the interweb, on the British Guardian’s life and style page, and

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The Loudest You’ll Ever Say Mmmm: Quick Flan Recipe

Don’t you hate when people shove food into your face that you can’t eat? So do we!! That’s why we’re doing you a favor and sharing this quick Flan recipe with you. No it’s not only for Cinco de Mayo, this Latin dessert is a sensual experience you don’t want to miss out on at any time of the year. There are no extravagant ingredients or any special tools, just

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