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CS Manifesto

We don’t plan to take advantage of attention deficit–ten tabs open– empty calorie information consuming–minds.

That’s for those who make you sign away your histories in the name of “terms and conditions.”

We don’t aim to entertain you with mundane countdowns that fade from your minds eye the moment you blink.

No. We intend to leave a lasting impression that lingers in your subconscious and inspires to go forth and create scandalous art.

We are an online collective for artists of all mediums.

We are storytellers. We are modern day griots, equipped with our hands, the internet and your art.

We want to stand valiantly with you as you mix mediums, challenge form, question history, solve social equations, ask questions and spit in the face of conformity.

We want to hear of how you have evolved and continue to evolve.

Stay and read stories from artists, just like you.

Collaborate with other artists in our network.

Our studio, is your studio.

Send us your work and stories.

Peace, Love and Chaka Khan,


Culture Starved



Bola Olusanya


Ashley Williams


Samiat Salami


For General Press Inquires contact: culturestarved@gmail.com



All media is posted with the sole intention of promoting artists.

If you are the copyright holder of any files available on Starved and wish to have them removed,

please contact us and we will comply immediately.

*Pictures Found On this Site Do Not Belong To Us Unless Otherwise Stated.


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