The story was conceived within the heart of our creative sessions here at Baroque Age. I was inspired to capture something different and unique, which is the true nature of every creative. As a visual storyteller, I wanted something that could speak to me more personally at this stage of my life. Like everyone else, I’m still growing and finding myself. Owoden, translated to man seemed like the perfect exploration of answering both my question and also telling a story that can help others out there progress into maturity.

I looked at the mentors of our generation; black mentors to be exact, and I saw a bit of chaos and a lot of unknown identities. Most of us walk around without knowing a shred of what we are and what we want. We look up to people but they show us that life is about distractions. Our parents sometimes don’t say the right things to help us grow in the way that we need to. That’s where this series came from, a search that led to me creating the answers to my own questions. I wanted to bring out the inner voice in me, the voice that’s been with me through out my growth and as led me here.

thompson2To share that story, knowing I can put some people on a path is the only reason why my visual stories are ever created. It’s more than just a story, it’s self exploration and visitation from the perspective of my mind and eyes. Being the visual director, also, of Baroque Age, a more professional approach was also taken, making sure I captured the right emotions and scenery that portrayed the message more vividly. It was a great experience, created with the thirst of knowledge for all to enjoy.

Baroque Age is a creative agency that plans on changing Africa through creativity. We represent our visual director, Thompson Ekong (TSE). We just worked on a new collection called Owoden which is our native Akwa-ibom language for Man. Its a visual experience of how we see the African man in thoughts, wisdom and representation as a human who aspires to be every single blood of greatness under his black skin. -Baroque Age

-Told to Culture Starved by Thompson Ekong


 Graphic Designer : Taiwo Ayodeji Location by Kitan Crew

Special Thanks to Alumni Model Agency London Uk

Muse :Ayodeji Babatope