Some artists rise to the top using catchy hooks, flashy cars, and believable lies. Then some artists rise to the top because of talent, purpose, and integrity. We believe that Alexander Star’s purpose to advance the music art form, is his claim to fame. Alexander Star is a musician with a heart of gold. His artistry is profound and in addition to being a highly seasoned performer he teaches Lyrical Expression and Songwriting to inner city youth at the Motivational Edge in Miami, FL.

And if that wasn’t enough, Alexander Star serves as Chief Brand Ambassador and Board Member for two organizations that send underprivileged children in Africa to school – AFR Clothing and the Amani Hope Foundation. Together, Alexander Star and AFR Clothing use their art as an instrument for positive change. His positive perspective shines through his work and he utilizes the power of art to create positive change. He states, “People listen to music because it makes them feel something. If I’m gonna make people feel something, I want it to be good.”

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When did you decide to become an artist and how did you make it happen?

Since about 1st grade I was involved in music, starting with my school chorus. My father is a concert pianist, so I grew up with live classical music in my living room every day. In second grade, I started writing rhymes for the class; for instance, when I brought something for show and tell, I would rhyme about it instead of just describing it. In about 8th grade I started writing full songs, but it wasn’t until I moved to South Florida in 11th grade that music began defining itself as my career. I started a group – The Free Agents Music Group – with some friends, and spent the next five years writing, recording, performing, selling CDs, networking and learning lessons about the music industry. At that point there was no turning back, so when the group didn’t work out I went back to school and got my degrees in Radio/TV Broadcasting and Communication Studies. In 2009 I incorporated myself, and the Alexander Star brand continues to develop and grow because God is my CEO.

What is your favorite song that you’ve created and why?

Every day you’ll get a different answer to this question. We writers go through moods, and songs are basically reflections and interpretations of those moods throughout time. Lyrically, “Changes In The Air” and “Our Women” are my favorite to perform, because they have such a powerful truth about them. Sonically, I’d say my favorite would have to be “This Is My Era,” because the sound of it channels such a feeling of greatness that makes me feel like anything is possible.

What artist(s) are you interested in working with in the future?

From artists in my city to artists on other continents, there’s a world full of people I’d love to vibe with. Every artist has something that makes them special and a crowd that will follow them; so if I’m able to contribute the special things I have and gain audiences from it, it’s a win-win. I’m looking forward to collaboration on all fronts, so if a feature makes sense for the Alexander Star brand then I’m happy to explore it.

Alexander_Star_Africas_Finest_flexFrom your involvement with the Amani Hope Foundation to the Motivational Edge organization, your track record of community service is impressive. How do you balance creating and taking time to give back to the community?

Everything falls into place when you use the gifts you’ve been given to uplift others. I like the idea that my music could possibly make the difference between someone having a good day vs. a bad one, or even making a good decision vs. a poor one (that’s happened before). Because I have this mindset, it’s only natural that I focus my energy on young people who are searching for someone to look up to instead of on grown folks in a club searching for someone to look up at.

As the Chief Brand Ambassador for AFR Clothing, what do you want people to take away from the brand?

We want to be the brand that inspires people to carry themselves with integrity every day. When customers wear AFR Clothing, we want our apparel to give them confidence not only from looking good, but also from knowing that their choice in fashion positively impacts the lives of children.

So when I listen to a lot of your music, it gives me “good” energy. It makes me wonder, are there any special people or moments that inspire your music? If so, explain.

Every moment is special – and that’s the point I’m making with #ThisIsMyEra. Even beyond the music, as a man I tend to find the bright side in most every situation. Positive light is my way of offsetting unbalance, so ‘good vibes’ come out in the nature of most of my music. And to be honest, my music often serves as a gateway between my generation and an older generation who thinks everyone my age is rapping or singing about nonsense. The words I choose and the approaches I execute bridge a major musical communication gap that allows me to perform my original material in environments where most artists my age couldn’t think of being heard, let alone being taken seriously.

View More: what ways are you looking to grow with your music?

A friend of mine described my writing style as, “Proverbial; stamp after stamp of quotables,” and I love that depiction. I want to master the art of saying the most using the least amount of words; giving poetic answers and leaving it to the listener to figure out what the questions are. I also want to grow in my ability to write music that appeals to the largest, most diverse audience possible.

What is the purpose of your art?

All of us are going through this human experience, and we all have feelings. I challenge myself to illustrate my feelings in a way that makes people say, “Yeah, that’s how I feel, too.” I treat my songs like creative conversations with myself and collaborators; therefore, the purpose of my art is to continue creating conversations worth being had.

How do you want your music to make people feel?

Everybody’s different, so it would be pretty arrogant of me to want to control what emotions my music pulls out of people. I like the idea of leaving my work up to interpretation. Honestly, I’m not too worried about how my music makes people feel – so long as it makes them feel.

What do you need as an artist?

Support. Every day people complain about the music industry with its shallow artists and hollow messages. The best way to overshadow the artists you don’t like is to genuinely support the artists you do like! Lift us up and we can change the game.

What are you STARVED for, as it pertains to art?

Nothing. God provides everything I’ll ever need, as I need it. If I don’t have it, I’m either bound to get it or I don’t need it.

3 of your biggest musical inspirations? Ready, go!



The thought of tomorrow.

Was that a cop out lol? Okay, here’s another shot:

Alexis Cartwright (member of my former recording group who passed away in 2011)

Damian Marley

The energies around me.


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