In 2014, viewers witnessed a true shift in television & film. Now more than ever female lead actress roles are being portrayed by black women. From Olivia Pope in Scandal to a brown skin Annie ; women of color are being catapulted to new heights within media. In a quirky 2:31 minute trailer brought to us by Sam Bailey, in association with Artful Enough Pictures, is the witty web series “You’re So Talented”.

Starring in the series is Sam Bailey who not only portrays the lead role of seemingly off beat ,out of work Chicago actress Bea; but also produced the series. The opening to the trailer is pretty comical as a flamboyant character introduces Bea ,at what appears to be her gallery opening. Stepping into the spotlight in a true awkward manner , Bea begins a monologue about her piece called “No Expectations”. The piece directly reflects Bea’s personal outlook on how the universe ,and her expectations fail to align ;yet somehow managing to unlock doors while dissembling self loathing notions of despair.

The monologue I found to be quite poignant to the concerns of my 20-something peers. The “where do I belong in this world” questions, we all ask ourselves.  How many times have you looked in the mirror and screamed self affirmative mantras to spin shitty thoughts into gold? If you are honest with yourself you can empathize with Bea and all the unappealing woes of a decade that proves troublesome to understand. This series relates to not only those of color ,but to the greater idea of self awareness ,and overcoming pitfalls that the 20s is sure to throw at you.

Visually “You’re So Talented” direction by Chris Tabor resonates with crisp imagery. Each clip projects genuine emotion ,and seems to utilize the actors in a tighter aspect ratio to the city of Chicago. The city becomes the background story to Bea’s tumultuous life.

I personally enjoy the overall appeal of this new web series, “You’re So Talented” ,set to air in January 2015 . Looking forward to what Bea discovers about herself ,as things go awry in her dramatic , not so ‘special” adventures in Chicago alongside friends Devin and Jesse.


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