Hilarious, realistic, and awkward describe the second episode of, “The Shrink in B6,” as it delves into the relate-able topic of job instability, aka being laid off/fired.

How do you cope? Do you feel inadequate, or free?

Farrah focuses on the real struggle of paying rent in the beginning of the episode, by going to a pawn shop. Nadia ,on the other hand, focuses on her first psychology session which she runs in the living room. The tone in this episode is frustration, as the conflict intensifies between the two roommates. Their dynamic is fascinating because they are so extremely different. However; What unifies their personalities is determination. They both attack the problem at hand in their own unique way. The side by side shots of Nadia and Farrah portray this well. By the end of the episode you’ll be laughing, nodding your head in agreement with one or both of them, and you’ll have to decide if the closing sentiment is uplifting or not.

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