New York City photographer Bluntbreak keeps his photos crisp and clean. No matter where he roams, Bluntbreak takes good shots. His Instagram feed grabs the, “city that never sleeps” , in ways that can only be described as dope. Bluntbreak captures the light ,and very essence of NYC, making your four or five inch phone screen seem much larger. For a second you believe that if you look up you’ll actually be embedded in the image surrounding you. If only it worked that way!


Instead you can keep scrolling, or checkout Bluntbreak’s blog, for a taste of the city varying in degrees and angles. Each frame gets the colors and framing just right ,so that everything works together to make the perfect composition. Something in the photo jumps up and demands your attention ,and instantly you’re drawn in wanting more. Look at how those lights glint at the top of the skyscraper, or in the reflections on the slick road. See how that sign’s colors are mirrored in the surrounding city lights. Scan the scenic view at those train tracks, or the interstate, or the people. Examine the graffiti surfacing on various structures.


 Bluntbreak’s photographs are like a good poem; they capture a moment in time unique to that of the beholder ,and it’s shared amongst all those viewing. What can be more beautiful than that?