black hat

Whenever I walk into a clothing store or go shopping and I see something that I like, my heart nearly skips a beat. If this doesn’t already happen to you, then I am sure that TRVxBLK will have this effect on you.

TRVxBLK is a relatively new Atlanta-based clothing line (pronounced as Trev Blake, named after its ambitious 17-year old designer) that amazed me the first time that I entered the TRVxBLK website. Blake’s style puts a spin on basic forms, prints, and colors to create a dynamic effect on the shopper’s eye.

His collection gives just the right amount of timelessness and pizzazz that our style-starved generation needs. Blake provides a natural blend of urban fashion and high-fashion ideals that easily make any piece from his collection a wardrobe staple. Each piece photographs well and gives off a positive aura of ease and universality. TRVxBLK is simply a beautiful clothing line and I cannot wait to see where Blake takes his designs next.