Admittedly I was hesitant before viewing the Canadian produced Teenagers Web Series. I mean, we’re all familiar with those gimmicky, “in your face” teen-angst TV series. Sure those shows provide a similar mirror to teen life ,but contain far too much shock value to hold a grip on us with some integrity or validity.

Having watched Teenagers Web Series, and at 6 episodes deep, we see something REAL!  The opening scene goes directly into conflict where we meet T, who is being beaten to a pulp by Jeremy. Initially character names aren’t introduced, and we only know that this is an intense scuffle between two young guys and 2 accomplices. Jeremy screams; “What the f%%$ were you doing with her?!”  When Baseball bats become involved in the fight, T is forced to the ground, choking up blood, and a bat pressed at his throat. The 3 guys walk off as T is left to pull himself off the ground. We see in fact “Teenagers”.

Each episode is roughly 8 to 10 minutes in duration providing very relatable ,true to life moments ranging from subdued to raw occasions where we witness these characters behind closed doors and vulnerable. The series explores racism, sex and just issues in general with teens present-day.

We see two brothers, both African American, T who is doing very well in school with a scholarship to college ,and will become “the first in the family” to attend. Opposed to T is Ricky ,who is having problems with drugs ,and his mother, who has made the decision to ban him from the household.

Then there was Ash. The high school stud unlike the average stud we once swooned over… NAH! Teenagers gets pretty real with all of its characters! Ash is extremely sexually active ,and gets to know the true reality behind his behavior in later episodes.

The stories get juicier and grittier as the series progresses. Ash meets Bree, virginal Bree, who is on the verge of great change and maturity. Bree is thoroughly excited for sex, love & the simple feeling of being wanted. Assuming little about sex, matters get real when Ash and Bree become interested in each other.

We also meet the cute and sexy Olive! She has a somewhat “passionate,” yet obsessive boyfriend. Connect the dots and you realize he was the one beating T to a pulp in the opening scene. There are much more dots to connect in the series.

My opinion? I’m 21 years old and didn’t see why I would find this series enjoyable, but after 2 episodes I was roped into these characters lives. I saw myself in Bree when she talked to herself and dreamt of her first time making love. I saw myself in Olive, naive and beautiful, seeing nothing but the naive and beautiful. Watching and mimicking videos of Marilyn Monroe. I fell for a guy like T, the sweet “pizza boy” with so much to offer, but battered and so overlooked. I saw humans. Shattering and trembling, but at times so quiet and beautifully real. I saw short spurts of what is really happening in the teen world. This series is evocative, sweet, daring, and scary. It’s just so good! It’s just what we’ve been wanting in a teen series. It’s real.

In summary, the series = too good. I tried my best not to leak too much. Go have a look see for yourself.

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