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From A Wildflower is a compilation of raw and real journal entries, from your girlfriend on the other line. It’s like chicken soup for the twenty and thirty year-old soul. A place where real women discuss real life candidly – without an Instagram filter. You know — those juicy conversations you have with your girlfriend each time you guys meet up for tea. Perhaps, you guys are still stuck on Jones, that Army guy who still hasn’t committed to you because he’s still in love with his ex – who is currently married. Or maybe, you all are discussing your lack of faith in your dreams and that career in which you’re longing to pursue. These scenarios, these conversations, tell a story. One that doesn’t have to be confined to a single coffee table but one that can be shared on a wavelength that allows for us women to tap into. From A Wildflower aims to challenge us as women and as writers to be transparent in our troubles, to be confident in our curiosities, to be real with our realities, and to be raw about our actualities. #nofilter.”


“New Year, New Me,” the phrase and biggest cliche everyone is so quick to post on social media right around New Year’s Day. I used to laugh every time I would see it because the number of people posting it and the number of people actually being ‘New’ never matched up. But it wasn’t until this past year that I realized that I was one of those people not doing anything. Every year I would complain about how my life was the same each and every year- Stagnant. I wanted to grow, but I couldn’t. I continuously got into the same situations and relationships and there was no growth. That was until I finally took the time to reflect on my life and the lessons it taught me.

Last Year while on a journey to the “New Twenty-Something Me” here’s what I learned:

It’s hard. It’s hard to make all the right decisions when others make everything you do seem wrong. Levels. You are where you are supposed to be in life. You are living your own life and no one else’s. Remember that.

Life is not a competition. We each have our own, so there is no need to be envious or bitter. You are you, something they could never be.

Never let anyone make your struggles seem invalid or less than.

Not everything is meant to be understood. Your thought process works like no other. You don’t have to analyze everything, you don’t have to understand their side in every situation. Some things are simply meant to be accepted, not discussed.

You cannot control the actions of other people.

What works best for you may not be best for someone else. Everyone thinks their way is better, and the truth is, it is. It works best for them.

Expectation leads to disappointment.

Remember that while you are angry and frustrated, they are cool and calm. Your anger hurts you, not them.

Hold on to nothing. Bitterness formed in the devil. Be better, not bitter.

You were created by your parents, but you are not your parents. Let their mistakes be just that. Don’t repeat, just review and do what they didn’t.

Accept that you are a flawed human being. It’s ok. God already knows.

Let Him guide you. Listen. Think.

Know your worth. Your pain doesn’t have to be the price. It’s ok to let go of your friends, even when they disagree. Some things you just do for you. Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard, your choices be noticed and your presence be known.

There are battles, but this does not have to be war. War would imply that you either win or lose. You will always be victorious.

You were hand crafted, hand-picked for this life. It’s yours, price already paid, do with it as you please but remember who paid that price. Your freedom lies within Him.

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