Daring! The accounts documented in the series “Crack & Shine International“, are moments of heart racing, self-expressive actions of art that delve into the world of Graffiti. Each episode is an adventure in a new country/city detailing the extreme lengths graffiti artists go to create. Recorded on hand held cameras, the artists venture into territories armed with backpacks full of masks & aerosol cans. The artists deface everyday surfaces and coat them with vibrant hues ,and animations of life.

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          The locations explored by the artists range from exclusive hideaways to public scenes. In Crack & Shine :Catacombs , a group of eager graffiti artists set off deep into the catacombs of Paris. Sub-terrestrial tunnels created in the 1700s are the least likely place to be approached by police & eliminate the odds of their pieces being demolished. After claiming their spaces on the walls the group commemorates this adventure ,they dreamt about as kids, with snacks & a bonfire.


Other episodes express personal aesthetics & overall mindsets of the artists such as the “Crack & Shine International : Death is Home Horfe” episode.  A popular figure in the Graffiti scene, Horfe, admits his natural disposition is sensitive although his choice of expression is very aggressive and bold. Horfe is free from conformity and feels at home when painting his daily stomping grounds with his own visions. He states; “I just really realized that I wanted my name every where on my distance, everyday, you know where you go…” This introspective episode goes on to reveal Horfe’s true yearnings ,and how he continues to form his own lane of art.

After watching all 12 episodes of the series “Crack & Shine International” I have grown a fonder respect for graffiti artists. From scaling highway street signs , to finding shelter from authorities in bushes alongside the public transit the artists are risky ,yet dedicated to their craft. Whether you see their works as mere vandalism ,or condone their “enhancements”  one can not deny the endless creativity displayed on the many surfaces. The series, “Crack & Shine International” , speaks to everyone’s adventurous spirit and can be appreciated by all walks of life!


ATTN: If you are extremely captivated by the series you can purchase the 212 paged hardcover book edition detailing, “over 50 of London’s most notorious writers, shot by Will Robson-Scott.”

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