heart glowing

heart glowing


Columbia Nights is a soultronic production crew group that seamlessly blends analog and digital elements to form a sound rooted in balance. Elements of soul, hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music can be found in their work. The sound they produce is described as soultronic. This Valentine’s Day they have released a new track called “HEART AGLOW,”  which is a perfect addition to that baby-making playlist you were working on.

“A few years ago we stumbled upon the inspiring sounds of I-Level, a short lived British group from the early 80s whose sound anticipates electrosoul by nearly three decades. Simultaneously tropical and urban, their work blends the emerging electronic musical tropes of the time with live instrumentation that resonated with our sensibilities. After keeping their sole album in rotation for a few years, we spent some time reimagining their unique approach with our own flavor.”

Produced, arranged, performed and mixed by Columbia Nights

Strings by Vaughan Octavia
Original composition by I-Level
Artwork by Noah Deeakili