Title of work: THE SHOPLIFTER – from Amanda’s uprising book of monologues, “Making Love into A Suit”. Metaphorically illustrating the angst and frustration of individuals who unnecessarily wreck homes. She uses the term “Shoplifter” as an analogy to describe a person who plays as a catalyst in a relationship.
Pity theft; Shoplifting. I never encourage it. It’s rather unethical, makes a lot of things complicated, and could affect many parties in a pessimistic way. You’re in a small fashion boutique and you see this vintage brooch sitting on the jewelry display in the store. No one is around to watch you and you can easily slip it into your purse and continue to shop as if it never happened. You probably don’t even really like the brooch. It might not even be your style. But due to it’s convenience, you take it anyway. So many things can result from shoplifting. You could get caught and severely punished for your wrongdoing, karma might come back around to haunt you in some other form, or you could get home and might not ever wear the brooch. It ends up being just another contribution to your junk and clutter. We, as people of society, can sometimes be extremely sneaky. Take things we don’t really want. Steal items we don’t really need. However, we do it because it’s right in front of us and easy to get. Regardless if the damage is emotional or monetary, when we take something, we are always stealing from someone else.


It seems in today’s society, we shoplift for love. Two individuals who are happily involved and enjoy each other’s company. It bothers us because we long for that similar affection and feeling. We notice one of the individuals and are automatically attracted. Why? The idea of a challenge: Can I take them off the shelf without anyone noticing me? No one is around to watch me and I can easily slip the person into my purse and continue to shop as if it never happened. I probably don’t even really like the person. They might not even be my style. But due to the convenience, I’ll take them anyway.


When I finally steal the item and take it home, how do I know that I will ever wear it? What if I don’t actually ever bother with it again? Just another contribution to my junk and clutter. Now, I’m stuck with something that doesn’t even interest me. I just stole this item from another individual while they live in heartbreak and despair. And for what? For me to not even want to keep it.


We were happy together and were madly in love. She came into my store and stole him from my jewelry display. I should have had better security. Now I live in heartbreak and despair while the shoplifting bitch walks around with what belonged to me.


Pity theft; Shoplifting. I never encourage it.


– Amanda.
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