Today is Valentines day, and by now I am sure your stomachs are aching after over indulging in those sweet Godiva chocolates, and overjoyed with the selection of gifts of love you may have received.

Many men worldwide procrastinated ,which left them highly anxious when making that “executive decision” ,as to whether red or pink roses would make their significant others swoon. With dinner time approaching, “tables for two” fill restaurants containing couples sharing kissy faces & sexual innuendos .

If you just envisioned a special someone while reading this you my dear have been shot by Cupid! Why aren’t you at dinner ? Have you not told this special someone your true feelings? Maybe you are like Patrick Hughes in “A Love Ep: Friendzone” ,and trying to escape that dreaded friend zone!

A Love Ep: Friendzone is a documented, musical love letter to a friend that Patrick is not only smitten by ,but shares a bond that is “close like kin.” Tracks like “Plateau” and “Choked Up” are cool tunes that divulge Patrick’s truest emotions about possibly progressing to that next level with this special lady.

Believing there’s no time like the present ,what are you waiting for? There’s still time to make them your Valentine! While you rush to the store to grab those chocolate covered strawberries play A Love Ep: Friendzone by Patrick Hughes, and build up that courage to say how you really feel tonight!

Check out A Love Ep:Friendzone by Patrick Hughes here: