I had the pleasure of hosting this short and sweet interview with digital pop artist, Technodrome1. Pop art is his expertise, but he is brimming new markets to broaden his horizons. He puts a dynamic , three-dimensional spin on what we know Pop Art to consistently contain . He’s straight up and all about his art. So read up to see what Technodrome1 is about, and discover what he considers “dromeing something out”!

Name, and/or alias(es) ,and how you got them?
I’ve had many names before but my name is Technodrome1 , it was the name of my tumblr, someone already had “technodrome” so i added the “1” to it lol


Within the art realm, what more do you desire to do that you have not already accomplished?
Everything , I don’t feel like I’ve “accomplished” anything yet. I want my name and style to be among legends. I Want to be in museums. I want kings to own my work.


What was the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome as an artist?
Finding my own style


How has the internet allowed you to market yourself & brand? 
The internet allows the work to be seen by people all over the world instantly , and I can do it from my bedroom , I’ve never advertised my art in any other way , it seems to be working out for what I’m doing.


There’s a lot of use of purple in your pieces, what is the significance of purple ,and how do you pick  and choose the colors you incorporate into your pieces?
I didn’t realize I use purple more then other colors until I read that question. I don’t know why I pick the colors I choose it just happens, its totally a feeling , if there’s a lot of purple in my work its because it just feels right


A lot of your prints have a pop icon, radiating and framed with fire. What are you evoking with the use of fire on your subjects?
I guess the fire means that that person was just nailing it in my eyes totally ruling the day


How do you go about selecting the images you want to play with ,and what is your process of making prints? 
I just choose things and subjects I really dig, I really thought that’s what art was about. all of my work is digital and most of it hasn’t been printed yet, I choose works to print mostly based of sales and selections for exhibitions I print 90% of my work on vinyl

You take snapshots of our society and amplify them turning small details into extremities. Taking a mere concept and making it into a louder version of itself. How would you define your aesthetic?

I heard the term ” experimental pop ” used and that really stuck with me its def pop art or whatever you want to call it, but I’m always experimenting and trying to make images that might have been used to death before, into something completely my own, so I’m like mixing different chemicals and trying different colors and things ultimately I think its known to most as “dromeing something out”.


What is Pop Art to you, and what has influenced you to approach this style of art?
I don’t know I never liked the term ” pop” , because its association with cheesy shitty music , but as I’ve grown older I learned to appreciate the value of something so good it seems bad, or something so popular its just accepted into everyday life like an old friend, the fact that its not only products but actual people that are what we are buying , craving, downloading and mimicking, its absolutely  incredible and fascinating to me 


When did you venture into merchandising your artwork into skateboard decks and cell phone cases? 
Recently, I decided to take that road , people been trying to tell me what I need to do for years now , and I knew it was just going to happen at the time it was supposed to, and it seems like its working out so far 


With big names following you, Rick Ross, P Diddy, and a rapidly growing fan base, What do you think has propelled and elevated you to the front and center?

I really don’t think I’m quite near the center at all , but if i can attribute it to anything it would have to be” the internet ” and not the band



What are you STARVED for, as it pertains to art?
nude models


Any advice for struggling artists out there?
Watch documentaries on other artists , see how much work dudes are actually putting in, then compare yourself to that
Check out Technodrome1 and his pieces on his official websites: