shameless maya


Shameless Maya is a phenomenal artist that challenged herself to embark on a journey to gain the confidence to promote herself  and expose her many hidden talents to the world.

Her journey began  on April 24, 2012 when she posted her first video about being shameless. Since then she has been able to share valuable pieces of wisdom and inspire thousands to be shameless and fearless. She has also provided aspiring artists with TEN tips that are essential for success. We would be cruel if we didn’t share them with you.

  1. Think Less, Do More
  2. Stop Hating | Stop Complaining | Stop Thinking You’re Better
  3. Share & Celebrate Your Gifts
  4. Drown Yourself in Positivity
  5. Stop Being a People Pleaser
  6. Be You, Be Original, Be Unique
  7. Expose Yourself to Different Cultures, Ideas & Surroundings
  8. Collaborate With Other Artists
  9. Work Hard, Hustle Harder
  10. Learn How to Shamelessly Self-Promote