Hey guys! Isn’t your goal for Valentine’s to get something for your girl that won’t piss her off? Welp, here are a couple ideas that can make your girl happy. But of course you know her best, so make the right decision. No pressure.

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Kende Phone Cases

From $22

How cool are these? Kende iPhone and Android phone cases to accent your significant other’s phone with an eccentric twist!


Imani Cowrie

From $13

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, waistbands any of these pieces would be a great choice as they are special pieces handmade in the USA. Look at you helping out the country.


Photojojo iPhone and Android Lenses

cell phone lenses













From $20

Perfect for your photography-obsessed girl. Each set comes with an adhesive removable metal ring. The ring sticks to the back of your phone, and the phone lens attaches magnetically. You can snap it on and off in an instant. Time for a selfie upgrade!


Elbow Heart Sweatshirt by MFjewels

vday sweatshirt

















From $34 (VDAY Special: You can get 2 for $58)

A great gift choice for the girly girl. It’s quite cliche but it gets the point across. It’s the thought that counts.



From $17

Give your lady a statement piece.


RueViolet Spa Set




















From $24.50

She can use a little pampering… every day. This set will enhance her daily routine. You can even use it with her. Like you didn’t know that already… You dog.

  • Mango Tango body and hand lotion. Handmade of beeswax, coconut oil, purified water and fragrance oil by Love’s Hangover. 3″ x 2.5″ jar.
  • Peanut-buttery treat is like the old brittle everyone’s grandma made, only softer and saltier.  4-oz. Vegan. Gluten free.
  • Blackberry scented hand made soap by Herbal Art.
  • Natural cotton terry bath and body glove, Rue Violet.
  • Sent for February 13th arrival, with gift packing in white with red tissue and ribbon.

Ship date is Feb. 10th on the Valentine’s Specials.


GoVino Flexible Shatterproof Recyclable Wine Glasses

From $12

GoVino Wine Glasses are a perfect gift for that woman in your life. The unbreakable glasses will allow her to enjoy her favorite wine anywhere, anytime.


Love Poems by Pablo Neruda



















From $6

If she’s the sappy type, then go for it. You two can be hopeless romantics together. Go ahead and throw in some fancy perfume while you’re at it.


Unlabeled: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Ecko





















From $12

Unlabel will empower you to channel your creativity, find the courage to defy convention, and summon the confidence to act and compete in any environment. This blueprint will teach you how to grow both creatively and commercially by testing your personal brand against the principles of the Authenticity Formula.”

For the go-getter girlfriend. You’ll score the thoughtful boyfriend card.


Beads Byaree

From $28

Beads Byaree is an innovative hand crafted jewelry line that your love interest will appreciate for its unique whimsical aesthetics.