Yellow, Yellow Bone, High Yellow.

Haven’t you heard one of those names  used to describe a black person of  lighter skin complexions? According to the accounts in the debut episode of “Yellow”, Austin is no nuance to the name. Airing shortly before 2013s end, Black & Sexy TV adds Yellow, (a new docu-series displaying “the pleasures and problems of the light skinned man”), to their channel.  The opening scene  honestly has to be for the ladies to lust over, and build their opinions of the what appears to be Boris Kodjoe ‘s younger brother, Austin, who is gearing up for a blind date. In his preparation, Austin engages in light exercise and shower before leaving home. It is common knowledge amongst all humans that the blind date experience is the most nerve wrecking, awkward experience ever, and this date doesn’t stray from that very feeling.

After the initial greeting the viewers are introduced to Myla, a light skinned petite woman, who appears equally nervous about the date. The two head to a diner and indulge in food and light conversation. Seemingly the date is going well when Austin and Myla equally express each others physical appearances met their personal expectations. Although the date turns sour in an instant when Myla expresses that she envisioned Austin to be “different.” When Austin inquires Myla  explains her twisted theory of Austin’s voice  being attached to his skin complexion by saying “Your voice is deep, so in my head I saw you as darker… like your skin.” Dismayed by Mylas comments, Austin ends the date abruptly after a moment of serious awkward silence resulting in what may be the last encounter between the two. Momentarily bewildered, Myla expresses initial regret for her possibly offensive comments ,but then negates it all by saying ” hey you like what you like!”

Now I won’t reveal the remainder of the episode ,but this show is a gateway to a topic rarely discussed. Has the light skinned black man become the new dark skinned black woman? I say that only in the sense of being ostracized from ones own race ,and dealing with matters solely based on complexion.  In today’s society the light skinned man has only been written as a ‘hot commodity’.  Up until now I haven’t seen any show tackling separatism in this manner where the once deemed commodity or prince plays the unwanted frog if you catch my drift. Yellow is off to a great start  revealing these issues within the community ,and expressing them through the black mans perspective. And I did mention that the series is actually amusing right!? Yellow has slick commentary ,and plays with the “4th wall” by engaging the viewer to the inside joke. I encourage every shade of toffee, butterscotch, chocolate & vanilla to view this series when it’s next installment airs on January 26th, 2014 on Black & Sexy Tv Channel on Youtube!