With the recent over saturation of the fashion industry, there are still many groups of people being underrepresented. Even Black fashion is widely regarded as a social media trend, rather than a growing culture of tastemakers. Rock City Lookbook is an ongoing, collaborative fashion photography project set to diversify the image of the Black community in Detroit. The local fashion media does little to reflect the city’s 80% Black population—let alone shed light on its many nuances.

Rock City Lookbook is our way of networking and community building. We work with artists, bloggers, designers and anyone who loves what they do and looking good doing it. We love the clothes and shopping, but still regard fashion as a viable look at art and anthropology. Maybe fashion won’t start the revolution, but it has helped us find and connect with the gamechangers who will.

– Bree Gant, Photographer & S. Blair W., Stylist –