(This is a response to How to Discourage Aspiring Writers: Shout Out to Hollywood)

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a piece or interviewed someone for Starved. Between the magazine’s downtime and my own life getting in the way (starting a new job and getting married) it wasn’t on my radar.

But the dust has settled in both areas, we’re ready to get back to work and start producing some sweet content.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that an article I had written month before made it to the first page.

Then imagine my horror when I realized it, about six months ago I did a bad thing.

The bad thing I either vocally or in my head curse other people for not doing.

I didn’t get the whole picture.

I read the first chapter of the book, Writing Screenplays that Sell and immediately formed an unfavorable opinion about the goal and purpose of the book. I tried to excuse my willful ignorance by admitting that I hadn’t read the entire book, but that was just a cop out. I had an opinion and I wanted it be known, without getting as full a picture of the situation as I could.

This strikes a chord with me as I have just seen the new Spike Jonze movie, Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix. A friend of mine stated she didn’t know if she didn’t want to see the movie, but that others were commenting that perhaps the main character, Theodore, wanted a relationship with “her” because she had no corporal body and could thus be controlled.

Though I didn’t enjoy Her as much as I hoped I would, it wasn’t a bad flick, and I would say the concept of female subjugation was nowhere to be found in the movie. I responded to her saying that perhaps those critiquing the movie should watch it first.

Yeah, and just maybe I should have read the (whole) book first.

It’s pretty interesting how living a few extra months can change your viewpoint on something you felt so strongly about before.

With that, I am requiring myself to hold back on forming a solid opinion on some kind of content before I’ve had the chance to devour it as fully as possible.

But, I know I’m not perfect. Stay tuned for the next article, when I again have to announce how I formed an ill informed opinion about something and accomplished that one thing you do when you ASSume you know something.