first day on the job

9to5 Th3 Producer presents “First Day On The Job”

first day on the job

“First Day on the Job is my second beat and my inspiration for the tape was growth and progress. Going into this project I wanted to focus on people seeing growth with my music. For example Jay-Z didn’t become Jay-Z in one day. What I want listeners to experience is a new psychedelic sound to hip-hop and r&b. I also want them to experience creativity, I don’t follow trends, instead I consider myself a trendsetter and a innovator.”  

– 9to5 Th3 Producer –

When asked about the mixtape, “First Day on the Job” he responded,

“It’s called “First Day on the Job” because it symbolizes my debut to the music scene….What inspired the theme for the tape was me being shy with my music. I would mostly make music in my room and keep it to myself and not show anyone. But then I realized that I had a talent and I feel like the world should hear your talents no matter what it is… It’s funny how I got the name 9to5 Th3 Producer. One day me and The Mxxchers were hanging out in the dorm room and  @DennWulvarro & @Ydbeatsss started arguing with me because I said ‘I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 I want to be a producer” and Denn said “You need a name first, how about 9 to 5, Imma start calling you 9 to 5’. At first I didn’t like the name but than it kind of grew on me. Later on I added ‘Th3 Producer’ part……It basically symbolizes the hard working man, or the hard working single parents that support their kids. I work hard and I don’t sleep lol. We all work hard just ask my team ‘The Mxxchers’,@Lyricistforhim , @DennWulvarro , or @BrittneyCrush.”

Take a Listen to the Beat Tape below