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In a world that is so fast-pace, sometimes it’s important to calm down and take a look at what’s around you.The video series, “Days” is a collection of video pieces trying to get back to life’s essential questions.

Hopefully it can help you  catch the beauty of this world which we seem to lose a little more every day.


It’s something about taking time to have a look, to think about a place, an atmosphere, to really taste the ongoing moment.

No need for texts, no need for messages … sometimes, the world talks by itself.

The video series is an ongoing work in progress taking place in any area you can sit and absorb the moment.



The process

This project was born one year ago in England.

Felix Brassier, French filmmaker and videographer, tried to catch the daily life of the area of Liverpool.

At first the process was simple, but quickly turned into an artistic creation including; musician collaborations, editing , and shooting process etc …

Nowadays, the series is about one or two “Days” per week.



First Session

Day One from Felix Brassier on Vimeo.

Night Two from Felix Brassier on Vimeo.

Day Seven from Felix Brassier on Vimeo.


links to the series :