In a new world saturated with brands crying for our attention every second, it gets harder and harder to discover gems that will not only serve our superficial needs but also have a positive impact our social conscious. However, we here at Starved would like to make it a tad bit easier by introducing you to the BOSHOK Clohing Brand. BOSHOK Clothing pronounced (Bo-shock) is a culturally inspired street wear brand for the conscience minds that has taken little time to capture our attention.

WALE-BCC1Founded by Victor Umeh and Nick Favre in 2011, BOSHOK has met the approval of celebrities like Wale and Banky W, just to name a few. Now, the clothing isn’t the only thing that is appealing. The BOSHOK brand has an underlying social message that is extremely compelling. BOSHOK founder, Victor Umeh, stated that so many events occur outside of the US that get so little attention and that with BOSHOK they hope to “shed some light” to create awareness about those events.

BOSHOK stands for Blood of Slaves Heart of Kings. Sounds pretty deep right? It is.

It’s a great reminder of the idea that someone can literally go from something to nothing. BOSHOK seeks to instill a sense of pride in people (especially of the African Diaspora) to represent where they are from, and give them an opportunity to pay homage.

sdfThe founders make it a point to share that the brand is not only for those of African descent, but it should be worn by anyone seeking to identify with the social awareness surrounding the struggles of the African people. Founder Victor Umeh, expressed hopes of funding projects that bring more empowerment to the people of Africa stating, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  If you teach him to fish he’ll eat forever.We would like to help teach the people Africa to fish!” 

The members of BOSHOK have also found a way to inspire rising entrepreneurs and artists by launching the web series “Building an Empire,” which documents the ins and outs of running a clothing business in America.

If the positive social agenda doesn’t make you want to support BOSHOK, at least support because of its unique, trendy, quality clothing. Like what you see? Head on over to the online store at boshok.com and take a look at the web series “Building an Empire” below.