Black is the absence of color. Think about that. Think long, hard, and deep about that.

Okay we know it sounds creepy, but its not us being weird, it really does have something to do with the Black Threads Clothing Line.

With a simple philosophy, “character over color,” Black Threads Clothing has quickly stolen our hearts with its positive social message and hardcore street appeal.  Founded by Tim Nicholson in 2013, Black Threads has promoted a simple concept — the love of all people. With a zebrahead as the mascot, the brand promotes acceptance of interracial relationships, unity between races, and love that transcends no matter the color of ones skin. Black is created by the absence of color, which is the concept that Black Threads capitalizes on with its clothing.

Black Threads stands for a colorblind nation, diminishing the idea of dividing lines between different races. All tees come in black, white, and grey to represent only colors that are visible to the colorblind. Heavily inspired by New York City culture, street art and classic military apparel, Black Threads is a brand ready to make a statement.

“Live, Love, and Think Colorblind”





Be on the look out for their thread inspired collection coming out in Spring 14. It is art by a local Brooklyn artist that is inspired by the beliefs of Black Threads and put into the clothing.

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