Refined and polished, is what Lacquer Embassy designer, Nikhil Sharma, uses to describe his New Delhi, India based menswear line. “The concept was inspired from my work with other designers and my experiences from travel.”

reg “Lacquer brings polished and refined to mind, like the last coat of furniture. Embassy denotes a space that contains what I like the most and makes you a part of my universe,” Sharma says of the line’s name.

unnamedLacquer Embassy menswear line, which officially launched in September 2013, features shirts and pocket squares of fine premium cotton blends, satin, and silk. “I have always been in menswear, I used to work for a British menswear line, so I knew that knew that my line would be menswear,” Nikhil says. “I wanted to work with a graphic element and pocket squares make an excellent accessory for graphics. It’s a small accessory that makes a statement different than what’s currently on the market. “

dedEach piece is handmade in his studio under his supervision. The length of time depends on the design of the garment. “We have a shirt with a handcrafted leather collar that takes 8 hours to sew one piece,” he says. “Every garment and even the packaging is quality checked by me.”

Nikhil wants Lacquer Embassy to be aesthetically pleasing with heavy attention to detail and minimalist silhouettes. Nikhil’s favorite pieces are the White Knight shirt, a slim fit rounded collar printed shirt, and the Georgian square, a silk twill screen printed square with machine rolled edges and attached labels.


The vision for Lacquer Embassy is to expand into a full menswear line in the future and to be worn all over the world.

“I want my collection in stores that I like, I want people in Japan and New York wearing Lacquer Embassy. If I could have my collection anywhere, I would want them in Liberty London and online from Mr. Porter, that would be amazing.”

– Nikhil Sharma




The collection is primarily sold online at www.lacquerembassy.com or the collection can be purchased from his New Delhi studio.