A little over a year ago I came across the brand Haer Brain Schemes via Facebook on a night of random web searching. I became instantly intrigued by the products and subject matter that HBS influenced. In a few short years Terrill ,also known as Trills, has self directed his own line of contemporary art and clothing brand. This interview gives the reader an introspective view of the artistry behind the brand in a piece entitled, “Beyond the Brain”.

Let’s start off with the basics, Who are you, Where are you from/based, and What do you do?

My name is Terrill, to most I go by Trills or Trills91. I was given the nickname by a close friend in high school (2008) and used it as a name to go by in the art world when I got my start in 2010. The name stuck and caught attention much a like the name haerbrainschemes, my clothing brand. I’m from Pittsburgh, born n raised til 11th grade when I moved to FL. I currently live downtown Orlando. I’m a creative director for the most part, that and visual artist.

 What does Haer Brain Schemes mean and who does HBS speak for?

HaerBrainSchemes means an alternate way of thinking by definition to its proper spelling. The clothing line represents my creative ideals and HaerWaveMedia network is my recent title for the media & promotions work I do virally. All fresh and growing projects.

 I believe our circumstances shape our future, What has been one circumstance that changed your present existence?

I would say being homeless due to circumstance and choice many times showed me the light of persistence and consistency.

 When were you first introduced to the anime culture and what inspired the GOKU tee?

Similar to many Americans my age I got into anime from television programs like beastwars early mornings or after school or Toonami or Adult Swim late night. The concept that inspired the Haery Goku tee come from the definition of what an indigo child is. Basically the meaning behind the design is a super enlightened child, a wise old soul no matter physical age.

Everyone needs some type of support system, who has been that for you in your life?

My friends and roommates pretty much, I meet lots of nice people who I can make money with.

 In life we are all students, Have you ever had a mentor/ teacher that guided you, and if so what did you learn , and how has it manifested in your work?

This dude Michael Marron was my art teacher my senior year of high school. I wasn’t too big on my academics at the time, skipping class and shit like that but I found comfort in that guys teachings. He’s really talented; a honestly super mellow dude w a positive vibe a lot of which I could see came from his pride and love for art. I respect that kind of stuff in people, genuine motives make it easy to trust people and learn from them. Long story short dude pushed me to paint my first acrylic on canvas, and it got the ball Rollin before the brand was the motive.

Being that you are self- directed what challenges, If any, do you face?

Majority of my challenges come from being just that, self-directed. I have to find my own means of execution and ways to find new resources to expand. It’s a huge challenge but I feel I’m well built for it, I’m not rushing anything the majority of moves made to gain the brand a great sum of the traffic it currently has is due to timing and outside interest.

 What would you say is your design aesthetic?

Simply put to bring as many small unforgettable ideas to the max potential and incorporate as many other personally favorites from myself or others into the equation as possible for detail.

 In a short time frame you have accomplished international appeal, extensive blog praise, and RIff Raff even wears your threads. What would you attest all of the success to?

Timing and studying my markets point of focus.

What are you “STARVED” for as it pertains to art?

I guess more proof to my theories of what and why. I feel I get all of my answers out if this path.

We feed off the earth constantly, but what from the earth and your surroundings do you take into your designs?

A lot of nature and anatomy, everything really.

 You’re in a drug deal gone wrong, and it’s about to get real with an AK-47, what song would you want to go out to?

Probably Infinite by Eminem.

Any words of wisdom to the weird art kids out there?
Stay Weird and research before you make a fool of yourself, or make a fool of yourself but research while u do it.

 HBS IN 10 years?
I see myself owning 1 or two small shops in ten years, making lots of small run collaborative works.


Intrigued? Find more HaerBrainSchemes products on and follow Trills on Twitter @haerypotter