You’re back in school, and you have issues. We found some awesome gadgets that will be complete lifesavers or just make you happy.




ChargeCard is a charger that can fit into your wallet. With the thickness of 2 credit cards, this device will allow you to let go of those long annoying usb cords that you tote around just in case you’re in need of battery life. If you are trying to take the cheap way out, similar versions are found on ebay for $2. 

Price $25

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Kno iPad App

A Free app that allows you to save hundreds on textbooks. Download your digital textbook for a low price, and with every purchase you make, Kno donates $1 to a class in need.

Price FREE

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Kende Phone Cases

How cool are these? Clearly we’re still not over #AfricanSummer yet.

Price $27

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JBL Flip

Comparable to the Jambox, the JBL Flip is a wireless compact speaker that connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. It also enables sound for Skype and FaceTime through its Bluetooth and built-in microphone features. This speaker delivers loud and clear sound despite its compact size and  its bass production is awesome as well! This speaker is perfect for playing music out on the quad or in a dorm room.

Price $99.95

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Tile App

Are you one of those people that tend to lose shit easily? Well with the tile app lost laptops, wallets, keys and other miscellaneous items can be found quickly and easily. The small white squares can be attached, stuck on or dropped into any item and will be tracked and sound an alert if triggered. The Tile app also saves the last GPS location where the Tile was seen.

Price $18.95

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Square One

Waking up in the morning for class is a struggle. Are you lucky enough to have an 8 AM class? Square One is an alarm clock that uses a wake-up light to simulate the sunrise, preparing the body to wake up well rested. This bird call alarm clock also uses light therapy by emitting 10,000 LUX, equivalent to light therapy boxes. About 15 minutes before the scheduled wake-up, the LED light panel turns on and gradually increases in light intensity.

Price $119.99

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Get organized people! iStudiezPro is an app that allows you to input your class schedule and homework into a built-in planner, then alerts you of approaching deadlines, keeps track of your grades, organizes your extracurricular schedule, and counts down to your next class. Oh how we wish it would countdown to the next holiday… or happy hour.

Price $2.99

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So iStudiezPro doesn’t have a count down to happy hour, but we found the next best thing. DrinkOwl finds all the open liquor stores and bars in your area and lists the specials going on at each location. How awesome is that? Now being dull, dry, or turnt down are no longer options (#turndownforwhat)

Price FREE

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Study Buddy 

Did you think that scanning tumblr for an hour was productive? Maybe it was, if your goal was to neglect the fact that you had an assignment to finish. If you have issues like us, Study Buddy is the app of the year. Everytime you take a break from finishing that intriguing essay about the issues in the Reagan era, be it answering the phone or checking instagram, the app records it as a distraction and provides you with a graph of study efficiency to show you how focused you really are.

Price $0.99

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You know that moment when you’ve had too much to drink and your hands automatically reach for your phone? No? Too drunk to remember? DrunkBlocker prevents you from messaging your ex when you’re several rum-and-cokes deep. All you have to do is enter your “forbidden list” which are the people that you don’t need to be texting drunk. When you really want to make some bad decisions you’ll have to complete a series of tough memory and concentration tests in order to unlock the forbidden list.

Price FREE for LITE version

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What other gadgets have you ran across this fall that are absolute lifesavers? Or, what’s one back-to-school-tool you miss from back-in-the-day?

Let us know in the comments below.