It’s not very often that you get a peek into the lives of individuals that aren’t washed up hip-hop stars and ex-wives of ballers and shot-callers. But regardless of whatever trash is going up on TV(how about them VMAs, is miley still twerking?), we still find ways to discover quality content online.

Introducing the web’s longest running reality series “In The Circle” by Joseph Matthew Garrett.

drinksflowinitc-1024x682The show offers fresh insight on what it’s like to be a young person in a big city with even bigger dreams. From being kicked out of apartments, to preparing for the next gig, this series captures the exciting, and unpredictable life of the “starving” artist. Unlike the normal reality TV shows, we feel that “In the Circle” is super relate-able. You can laugh at their mistakes or nod in agreement to their words of wisdom. No matter your reaction to the artists, you understand what it feels like to have dreams and experience the crazy journey it takes to reach them.

“In the Circle” is a webseries about young artists just trying to make it. The series has found it’s home in cities such as Newark, New York, and Brooklyn. Of course we would love to see a season in DC or San Fran, but that’s besides the point. This show not only showcases the lives of artists, but it displays the true culture of the cities. For example, in the newest season “Brooklyn” the dreamchasers can be found at the legendary Junior’s Cheesecake, the unique Surf Bar, the chill Brooklyn Bird, and the trendy Brooklyn Central, all of which are staples in the Brooklyn culture.

We’ve made some episodes of “In the Circle” available here, and we hope that you check it out and follow the show on social media sites.

Website: www.inthecircleshow.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/inthecircleshow

Twitter: @inthecirclefan

YouTube: www.youtube.com/josephjmg18