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In the spirit of African Summer, let us take the time out to introduce you to the talented singer, Fritzwa. Born and bred in New York, the artist continues to exude her Ghanaian and Sierra Leonian culture.

After graduating from Cornell University, Fritzwa spent some time working in finance, fashion and music. The release of her album, “Case Based,” is the result of a collection of songs from the past three years. With her introspective webseries, Fritzwa shares what its like trying to maintain creativity working in corporate environments and while in a  top MBA program.

Now, We made sure to ask Fritzwa for her interpretation of “African Summer” and her response was full of nostalgic imagery:

“African Summer is the stickiness of cold ginger beer in my right hand and groundnuts in my left.

I stay Batik sheek ; African sleek,

Living this hip life forever, never alone, always together.

Seen alot of Summers, but Africans always, always do it better.”


We would love to tell you  more, but we’d rather let her music and videos do the talking. Enjoy!

FDR Drive

Made in America ft Sammus


Here is Case Based: Episode 1 – “Talking Drum”


Discover More from Fritzwa!

Twitter: @fritzyb

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fritzwa/215603158465710

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fritzwa-music

Bio and Photos : http://talented10th.tv/gallery/fritzwa/