Meet Silachi, a Nigerian-American R&B artist based in NY. He recently released his EP “Dummy Audio” which includes unique styles and harmonies complemented by genuine expressions of love and the dilemmas of than artist forced to conform to society’s demands. His sound is unique, intriguing, and infectious,If you’ve been missing R&B, don’t waste time taking a listen to his dynamic sounds and soothing voice.

In light of African Summer, we asked Silachi to define African Summer and we enjoyed his colorful response:

“African Summer is the sun beating down on you as you work hard to make sure your family is eating. African Summer is providing nourishment for those mosquitoes that are constantly trying to suck your blood because its so appetizing. African Summer is letting your skin feed off that heat, then translating that energy into soul. African Summer is where we are now, and where we will forever be in our spirits.”


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