If you are a photographer, this is probably the best news you’re going to hear all week, better yet all year!

PhotoWhoa (lets call it a groupon for photography) promotes photography products at discount prices. Every month users will be sent e-mails for deals on photography products up to 70% off retail price. “How much does it cost to be a member?” you ask… It costs nothing, zero, zilch, nada!

But it gets better… They also help photographers improve their photography skills by promoting cool informational products that they personally curate.

PhotoWhoa has recently created a free e-book with insights from several extremely talented fashion/beauty/glamour photographers entitled “The Beauty Collective.”

The Beauty Collective was the result of many hours interviewing top photographers such as Zim KillgoreAnthony Neste, and Jenny Woods about their process and how they achieve their unique looks.


Photo by Jenny Woods

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

You can find the free e-book here and download your own free copy: http://www.photowhoa.com/beauty