Starved recently got a chance to get up-close and personal with two of the acts at the rap showcase The Young & The Restless III, presented by itstheINcrowd. One of the acts, Philly-bred/DMV-influenced rapper GrandeMarshall, is a recent signee to the hip-hop/electro Indie label Fool’s Gold Records. Grande sat down with Gabrielle and our guest videographer Georgette on a rainy evening for an in-depth discussion about his latest project Mugga Man, his roots in both cities, and what his plans were for the cult holiday 4/20.

As the show ended, we also got a chance to catch up with the Brooklyn-Soul collective Phony Ppl. After greeting us with hugs and smiles, rapper Sheriff PJ, singer/rapper/ladies man Elbee Thrie, and the ever-so-eccentric Bari Bass gave us an impromptu, tagteam interview. View below to hear their take on life in New York, the musical influence of Brazilian Jazz , and why R. Kelly makes Sheriff PJ wanna go half on a baby.



To find out more about GrandeMarshall, check him out on Soundcloud  and follow him on Twitter @GrandeMarshall


For more information about the entire Phony Ppl collective, check out their website phonyppl.com and follow the band’s Twitter (which also includes the Twitter pages of all 9 members) @PhonyPpl

To check out more work from the guest videographer Georgette, check out her visual display at  G6GettePro.com  and follow her on Twitter  @G6Gette


*Special thanks to itstheINcrowd (@itstheINcrowd) for letting Starved cover this event*