Many people will couple having style with wearing the most expensive name brands—however, they are sadly mistaken! Finding deals on clothes and classic DIYs are taking the fashion world by storm and they all have an easy and accessible primary source: YouTube.

The YouTube community has evolved into makeover central and beauty tutorials after you weed out the “Charlie bit my finger” and the “ain’t nobody got time for that” videos.

YouTube isn’t the website it used to be. Once you get past the Chihuahuas humping pit bulls, you actually get to videos with substance. It’s now an international website that allows people to Share ideas, concepts, and beliefs with one another despite their locations.

The list is endless, but here’s a few YouTubers we found that take DIY to another level and teach you to turn an old piece in your closet to something chic and edgy in just seconds (feel free to check out their channels, don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities!)

“The Notorious K.I.A”


Her YouTube is flawless! Not only does she have this page that teaches you to channel your inner sexy, but she also has her own online store (www.dopesince1986.com). She has infinitive DIYs, including studded leather gloves, spiked sweaters, galaxy sweatshirts, and so much more. So when your money is funny and your change is strange, this is the go-to YouTuber to visit to transform your old sweater into that show stopping original piece!



Her name is Jayla Watson but for short, you can call her Mizz Fashionista (My corny attempt to give a nickname)! If you are ever looking for ways to put pieces together and look fabulous for any and every occasion, she can be your virtual stylist.



Who would have ever thought you could take a tired pair of tights and revamp it into a fierce belly shirt? Yes, a belly shirt! It’s possible, once you take a look at this YouTube channel.

Shall I go on or is this becoming overwhelming? Too much goodness and there are more. I shall proceed…



Once again, we have a great DIY Youtuber, from creating extravagant collar necklaces to creating her own fur boots, she teaches you to do it all! Although she has many make-up tutorials, she creates an even balance of make-up and fashion on her channel.

And lastly (for now),

“Evelina Barry”


Evelina is your “girl-next-door” YouTuber with a twist: she has a style out of this world! She teaches beyond the surface of just styling clothes. She teaches viewers how to detect real from knock-offs, and keeps you up on the trends for the upcoming seasons. Her DIYs are so original. To name just a few, she teaches how to create your own fox sweater and create your own runway clutches.

Impressed yet?

Not only are these cool projects fun activities to keep you busy, they can also save you a lot of money. Why spend all your money on designer clothes when you can be your own designer? Unless you are a brand follower…

Here is a cliche but true statement: fashion always evolving.  At the click of a button, you can transform your boring closet into a whole new wardrobe. Would it be far fetched to say, in about 20 years you will get a holographic image of the YouTuber to style you personally? It doesn’t hurt to imagine!