Alexander McQueen

10 Things I Hate About You - Two-Piece Prom Dress

After browsing through lookbook after lookbook, it looks like the only rule for Spring 2013 is that there is no rule.  Seriously.  We might as well head back to the ‘90s and take fashion advice from high schoolers like 10 Things I Hate About You’s Bianca with her two-piece prom dress.  And I’m only half kidding because platform shoes are actually looking pretty promising this season.

So is the crop-top/high-waisted skirt/shorts combo.  (I dare you to try a skort.)  It’s all about the battle between minimum coverage and huge, honking headscarves.  And the colors of course.  Tangerine, lime, pink tulip, and to add a little contrast: classic black and white.

Lime Pink Tangerine

But, where is this all coming from?  With the no rule rule, we might actually have to lift a few rocks to find our inspiration this season.  So, we’re going south to spend Fashion Week with the best.  The weather’s beginning to warm up, but we want it hotter.  Put on your Michael Kors Goggles, lace up your Tod’s crystal loafers, and just don’t forget to pack your Piaget Cocktail rings.  The humidity’s gonna need a punch of color in the face if we’re going to survive this one. Wanna weather Spring 2013 affordably?  Check out Parabal Gurung’s spring collection at Target.

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