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As a singer in this day and age it is vital to find your voice and your overall sound to differentiate yourself from others. /_\drian Daniel and the Stoners fall far from short of this quota for up and coming artists. Day in and day out /_\drian impresses his fans (that includes me) with his singing style that uniquely resembles a much needed flashback to the past with an in tune pace for the future, and—of course—his kick-ass hairstyle! After long thoughts about what to possibly ask such an amazing artist, I gathered my thoughts and conducted this interview with /_\drian

(And trust me, judging from the fact that you have stumbled upon Culture Starved, once you listen to /_\drian you will like what you see and hear.)

Adora: Ten years ago, was this your dream?

/_\drian Daniel: Ten years ago, I wouldn’t say making music was my dream, but I enjoyed entertaining people. I was a professional dancer since I was 6 years old; which was cool because all I heard was music all the time. I was trained in just about every style of dance which opened my ears to many different styles of music. I guess I can say that was a big factor in my creation process.


Adora: What’s been the best part of your career so far? Is it the gigs? The people you’ve met? Your albums?

/_\drian Daniel: The best part of my career so far is all the sexy moms that hit on me now, lol jk but I really love performing the music I make with my band. It allows me to let people into the strange world that exist in my head.

Adora: What’s been your biggest struggle in your career, and we want to get to know you better (do tell all)?

/_\drian Daniel: The biggest struggle in my career, I guess, was finding myself and finding out what kind of an artist I am. Everybody had an opinion about what kind of music I should make and what visions I had for certain things, but I always believed that I should do whatever felt right. Writing my personal stories and making musical books out of them was hard for me because it involved me confronting myself and letting people into my mind and heart, which is something I normally didn’t do. So staying true to what makes me happy has been the biggest struggle when everyone tells you should sound more like Chris brown or Usher or this or that; I just feel that I should sound like me. I’m happy that I was able to form The Stoners, who—together—was producers and musicians, that allowed me to be me and it was cool because everyone in there is super talented. I always say to myself and the people around me let’s take a break for a second and remember who we are; that’s everything but to most people they say that’s nothing, but to me that’s everything.

Adora: What will be your mark of success?

/_\drian Daniel: I think my mark of success will be when I win a Grammy for Album of the Year. That’s been a dream of mine for some time. To create a whole body of work that is loved and respected by my fans and my colleagues. That’s when I’ll say to myself, ok /_\drian you can relax for a month now. Then get right back to work.


Photo by Dexter Jones

Adora: In a perfect world you can get signed to the record label of your dreams in a heartbeat; given the chance would you do that so easily? Why or why not?

/_\drian Daniel: I don’t think I would sign to the record label of my dreams until I feel I’m at a point where I can make my own decisions with the label and they allow me to be me. I would love to do what Mac Miller did and have a number one independent album. I feel like labels aren’t what they used to be, they just want to make money out of you and don’t really care about the music as long as it sells and I have a problem with that. So unless a label is looking for the same things that I’m looking for then I think I would hold off on signing anything.

Adora: Don’t blush, but you are inspiring to us and we want to know, what inspires you?

/_\drian Daniel: It makes me very happy that I inspire you guys. A lot of things inspire me. People, places, things. (I just described a noun but moving on lol) I’m a very visual person so I take in everything I see and touch and feel and I use that reaction from the things I said to create my music. I’m just inspired to tell really great stories. I feel like when I pull from my personal feelings and knowledge and try to create a song it’s creates a photograph out of materials that aren’t visible.

Adora: Do you have any questions or last remarks?

/_\drian Daniel: I do have one question. What song of mine is your favorite? And I just want to thank you guys for being interested in me lol and listening to my stories and enjoying them. Thank you, thank you; you guys are now official unofficial Stoners lol.

Adora: Personally, I fell in love with “Out of Gas” the moment that I heard it and most recently “Native”; two catchy and electric songs. But “Out of Gas” did it for me; it moves me and wakes up the jitterbug inside of me.

To a guy of many talents, I wish you the best of luck as you embark on the rest of your journey and you can be sure to look for me at your upcoming concerts!


And to all you readers, be prepared to be blown away by the future of the music industry, /_\drian Daniel and the Stoners !

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