Name: Sekaya Harris

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Age: 20

Favorite quote: “What does Webster say about Soul” – Gil Scott Heron “You must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from the idea that others are watching you” – Russel Brand

What are you STARVED for?

Life really. To see what life brings me next. who life will bring me next. The unpredictability of life.

Describe your work in one sentence. How about in one word?

Each photo is different depending on my inspiration. Inspired.

You’re in a drug deal gone wrong, and its about to get real with an AK-47, what song would you want to go out to?

“Searching in Her Ways” – Jesse Boykins iii & Melo X

Of course below is a slideshow of her photography

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Admire more of her mind-boggling work on sekular.tumblr.com and sekularmedia.com


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