Name: Mister Incog

Hometown: Born In Newark,NJ … Raised In Tampa, FL

Age: 22

Favorite quote: “I Can Do All Things Through Christ That Strengthens Me”


What are you STARVED for?

Right Now I’m Starving For A Spicy McChicken Them Thangs Be Bussin lol but For real…

In Music, I’m Starved To Be Heard At The Moment, As A Producer and As An Artist.  I’m starved for people to realize my potential as much as I do.

In Life, I’m Starved To See Me & My People Living A Prosperous Life


Describe your music in one word.

I Would describe my music as “Kinetic”… Meaning It Will Either Move Your Body Or Move Your Soul.


You’re in a drug deal gone wrong, and its about to get real with an AK-47, what song would you want to go out to?

This is the best question I’ve probably received in life so far… but ummm… it tough… never really thought about going out like that… I spoke with my brother Teddy and it’ll probably be…. Either “Oh Let’s Do It” by Waka … “Hail Mary” by Tupac… Or “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs depending on my mood lol

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