celebrating black love

In honor of Black History Month and the ol’ Valentine’s Day, we would like to present to you Our favorite Web-series that represent young, steamy, slightly awkward, mostly sensual Black Love in 2013. These series are about budding, blooming and full-bloomed relationships.

And the list begins in no particular order…


The Couple

you have chick and you have dude. And they annoy the crap out each other, just like regular couples. They even annoy their passive aggressive, ‘Post It’ loving neighbor. What we really love about this web-series is the realism of the situations the Couple deals with. They bicker, they have long discussions about the most mundane things, like toothpaste tubes and the bathroom mirror. It’s the classic story, man moves in with woman; woman realizes man is from Mars and Man realizes woman is from Venus. And a space can be a pain, Egos get intertwined in the mix, but humor breaks planetary barriers. A couple who laughs together, stays together.


Brothers With No Game

Ok women, don’t all rush to England at once. here we have guys with little luck with females. There is a stereotype lingering around that black men are very good with the ladies, according to this show’s main characters, that stereotype is absolutely bollocks. For these men communication with the opposite sex is absolute kryptonite. Brothers With No Game is about four young, 20 something, black British men whose heads and mouths don’t seem to be in sync. They are not unattractive, they are not extremely socially awkward, but they just seem to always say and do the wrong things. This show is also culturally rich. It gives you an insight into black British culture in London. It’s like Sex and the City, if Carrie used British football analogy to describe her problems.



Venus vs. Mars

Can we just call this sister with no game? like seriously, she’s got issues. If Venus was a real person we would say: start journaling, see a therapist, read non-cheesy self help books (goodluck finding those) and when all fails (or you can’t afford a therapist), have a serious discussion with your friends about your insecurities and issues. Not your friend Shakira though, she has worse issues than you do. Or maybe you and Shakira can share a two-for-one session with a therapist. And for heaven sakes, stop dating within the same group of men. Dating your brother’s friend is a mistake that should happen once, not a recurring pattern. Damn it woman!


The Therapist

Couples in trouble… Imagine looking in on a therapy session (which is illegal btw) this is what it feels like… Don’t you wish you could do this in real life? Oh and there’s a guy with a really hot body.


The Number

Who’s idea was it to bring up the number of people you’ve slept with to your fiance? Ok, we are all for honesty and fundamental truth in a relationship and blah blah blah, but seriously, must people be honest about everything! Can people just take an STD/HIV test, find out whether they are both clean and call it a day. Why get into the fussy details of things. Maybe we stand alone here. Jokes apart though, we love this show, especially because the woman is the one with the higher number than the man. It really plays with the idea of what’s normal in terms of sexuality for a woman. Another reason we love this show, it’s characters embody subtle passive-aggression to the max! The dynamic between the sister in law and bride (fiance), is enough to keep you entertained for hours.


Father’s Day

Think about those hood New York movies that you use to watch on bootleg DVDs except that this is not as hardcore.


Black and Single

There’s a guy and there’s a girl and they’re basically trying to live and be single, its not a disease but apparently life thinks otherwise, hence throwing them all the hilarious curve balls.



Sounds like trouble, huh? see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed


Lenox Avenue

So there are a lot of bar scenes. There are a lot of guys complaining about relationships and women, and they drink a lot and whine a lot but hey that is what real people do. Its all about relate-ability. But isn’t complaining to someone about a failed relationship an adult right of passage anyway?


Between Women

Finally a lesbian flick. Go Diversity! And it is probably one of the best dramas online.