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Mercura SunglassesAs we slide into the more boring part of winter (I mean, what actual good is cold weather after all the holiday festivities are over?) and (because it’s not quite spring), the only thing to keep us from getting chilly in the post-holiday dry-spell, is a good outfit… or thirteen.  For those living in frostier climates, we sympathize. (To cure snow-blindness see: Mercura Sunglasses.)

From behind my pair, I’ve spotted dark hair, dark  lips, navy nails and I want more.  Let’s go a bit further this month.

I want to see  everyone carrying a copy of Crime and Punishment in the crook of their sweater-clad arms, reminding everyone else that style’s not  just about the clothes you wear.  For men: think Raskolnikov, but with less blood.  For women: think Sonja, but let’s imagine she’s wearing all those stolen jewels.

Dark Hair and LipsDolce & Gabbana gave us permission to be gaudy this year with their baroque prints and colorful florals and I say, we take  it.  I’m not talking New Years Eve sparkles though, I’m talking antique gold and tarnished silver – hipsters-esque.

OPI - Ski Til We DropThe earthy palette has been getting a lot of love so far this season with mustards, plums, burgundies, and emeralds abound, but just because nature (loving) and its colors are in, doesn’t mean it’s time to dust off those old bell-bottoms yet.  The impasse we’re at is somewhere between the glitz of the 20s (see: Baz Luhrman’s take on Gatsby) and the hippie movement of the 70s. Think, Great Gatsby’s Daisy en route to Woodstock. Fitzgerald is rolling in his grave.

Welcome to 2013, where we all respect nature’s splendor, but still compete for first prize in the beauty contest.  And between the rich colors, daring fabrics (Velvet! Lace! Sequins!), and iffy historical backings, we might actually stand a chance.

Our memories of the past are riddled with visions of the future and luckily, this season’s wardrobe, calls for just that.


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