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In a world of “the finer things” sketches on SNL, rappers sipping Cristal from from their flute glasses, Kanye matching his Givenchy skirt with his Louis shoes and 2chainz’s request to be buried in a Louis store, one new gucci-by route of 2chaiz-esque, Atlanta based rapper has chosen to embody ‘errything’ that is (questionable?) about hip hop in 2013, with his new song “All Gold Everything.”

trinidad-james-bike_0While he might not be rapping about “big booty hoes” Trinidad James has found a niche that glitters and sparkles. Really, really sparkles, like a beauty queen’s gold tiara. Alas! all shall be gold, including his Macbook and his Magnum condoms.

Trinidad James has a unique style that may scream Jerome from Martin at first, but If Rick Ross’s big bird fur coat on the cover of THE SOURCE, had a child with Jimmy Hendrick’s head band, then rolled the child in gold dust and Prince , it would be Trinidad James’ style i.e. The Rozay Purple Rain.

Achieving the Trinidad James look may seem almost amusing at first but um, hear us out. Serious thought, his style could become iconic in a twisted sense, minus the stomach and the sweat band.

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In his “ALL GOLD EVERYTHING” video, you watch Trinidad James in all his stylish duds. Sexy. Chanel gold chains, black Versace shoes and gold Rolex watches, it is only a matter of time before he is sitting front row at Chanel with Anna Wintour.

Apparently soon, everyone can look like Trinidad James. In an interview by, James admits to aspiring to open up his own boutiques, one in Atlanta and one in Trinidad. The boutique will include sneakers or “some kicks and street-wear…I’m big on street-wear…” As one popular website put it, “His whole get up was nurtured after years of running a fashion boutique in Atlanta and departing from the status quo…there’s a bit more to Trinidad James then the small glimpse we have seen thus far.”

For all we know, James may soon be covering Vogue or GQ, sitting next to Anna Del Russo at fashion week, creating waves of fashion bloggers who dress like him. No. No. Wait and See.

We support his positive and uplifting movement of winning and success that he calls Gold Gang. In an interview with Urban Girls and Guys Like You (U.G.G.L.Y) James introduces Gold Gang. “We are building a movement, swaggnews, goldgang… we didn’t decide to call ourselves gold gang because we like gold…Gold Gang means we strive to be the best, we want to be number one, and essentially we are going for the gold.” Watch out world, Gold Gang is on the prowl! Wisdom Kids. Pure unadulterated wisdom.

Below are a few fashionable items for anyone inspired by “All Gold Everything” for life or Halloween.

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And last but not least, the video that started it all