hairstyle collage

For those of you who claim that wearing a woolly hat daily is an adorable addition to your winter style, we know you are lying. Even when you say, “I just love the versatility and it is so cozy”. It was cozy yesterday, the day before that, the day before the day before that and do you own those hats in every color. What are you trying to hide? Are you taming a beast underneath that hat?

Alright we get it, knowing what to do with your hair in winter can be tough. The cold wind dries your hair out or blows all your face. If you are like a few of us and have a head full of curls, the lack of moisture can cause serious shedding and frizz. And styling your hair just seems far fetched. Unfortunately, humans unlike bears, can’t choose to hibernate all winter long. No matter how much we might want to, we have places to get to and other humans (who don’t understand that cold weather is enough reason to look crazy).

We have been there too, it is very tempting to wear a hat everyday and just not worry about it, but if you have finally decided that your hair needs to breath or your hats start to smell funky (you know it does). Don’t fret, we are here to help with a mixture of hi-low maintenance hairstyles that will inspire you to leave the stinky hat off. We have also ranked the hairstyles from EasyModerateDifficult. Depending on your readiness to get out of bed.




Show us your BUNS!!! Who knew elegance could be so simple?






Beach Waves

Beach Waves!!! Like we said, Is it Spring Yet?

DolceviMU – So we have no clue what she’s saying (our French is dusty, blame the education system) but hair is universal and she does it pretty well.






We looove those funky Braids! These might be difficult but they can last days Don’t braids just make life easier?

Beautybyjj – Fishtail


Bebexo – Chinese Staircase Stitch




Looking for something different, but like it simple? Keep it cool with Twists





If you want a hair style that tickles your fancy, here are some dope Updos

chanelboateng – 6 ways to style boxbraids




For roll-out-of-bed days: Sleek Ponytails!!!