Patrick Lentz is a Jason Segel look alike that brings a fresh sound, look, and entertainment to the YouTube music scene.

Based out of Missouri, Patrick’s music style spans the genres. He has recently released a series of three acoustic cover albums labeled simply by 1, 2, and 3.

In addition to making some of the most unique and creative covers out there, Lentz does some original music as well. His music and charisma is  upbeat, fun and very different than much of the musical sensations featured on YouTube.

When I caught wind of his cover of “Too Close” by Alex Clare, my taste buds for acoustic guitar and beautiful sound began salivating. I had to get my hands on him and sit him down for an interview.

Make sure to check out his music on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, whatever floats your boat. Hey, and if you want book him check his site

On to the interview!

How long have you and the band been performing?

I have been with most of my band members for 5 years now, but I started performing over twenty years ago.

As you already know, I came across your music through YouTube. What convinced you to broadcast your talent there?

I was trying to get shown in my hometown and thought if I had some videos it would help me get booked. After I made a few, I fell in love with the process and really developed a passion for it.

72695_144174585628829_6515413_nTell us more about the band. Who are they? How did you guys meet?

I met my band members through the music community in Kansas City. Micah Burdick, my guitar player, has been with me the longest. In 2008, I hired him as a studio musician to play on my record. He has played for a ton of bands and is an amazing player! Dillon Johnson (Drummer) and Zach Hord (Bass Player) were friends of friends. I met them when they were playing in a worship band at a local church. At first, I only needed Zach and he later convinced me to recruit Dillon. The pair has really worked out great!

Do you play any instruments other than guitar?

I am definitely not a “player” of any other instrument, but I like to tinker on the keyboard, bass, and drums.

Where do you shoot your music videos? It seems like a lot of time is put into the staging and decorations. Is that purposeful?

Most of my videos have been shot in the basement of my producer, Matt Russo’s house, and we certainly put a lot of thought and effort into the staging, lighting, and props. We do this to keep the videos interesting and to showcase aspects of our personality. Most of our viewers don’t realize that the majority of our videos have been shot in the same place, which happens to be a 10’x10’ room.

Considering that you do both original songs and song covers, do you think it’s harder to create an original song or make a cover really your own?

I would have to say that making an original track is more difficult; however, it takes creativity to cover another artist’s song in a unique way.

mqdefaultYouTube users can be some pretty hard hitting critics, how do you handle the pressure?

If anybody gives us negative feedback, my band and I go to their house and fight them! JK

I try not to worry about it. Negative feedback is inevitable. On the flip side, I learn a lot from our viewer’s comments and try to take criticism into consideration for future videos.

Who influences you in the world of music?

I have a lot of musical influences, but right now I am really into Allen Stone. He may be the best singer I have ever heard. I saw him play in Lawrence, KS and he basically blew my mind. He has an incredible voice and he is an extremely charismatic front man. Check him out!

What’s your favorite song today?

Definitely, “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis… In fact, I love the whole album.

If you could be any musical instrument which would you be and why?

I would have to say the grand piano. I don’t think it gets much classier than the grand piano.

There’s a lot of YouTubers that think you look like Jason Segel (and I am inclined to agree). Do you see any truth in this celebrity comparison? Do you even like The Muppets?

I have been a huge fan of Jason Segel for years, but I struggle to see the resemblance. Either way, I’ll take it because Jason Segel is hilarious! Genuinely, I always thought I looked like a hybrid of Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington! LOL

As for the Muppets, who doesn’t love them? The Muppets were huge part of my childhood, and I’ve seen each movie about 20 times. Don’t judge, but Miss Piggy is my fav.