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We would like to introduce our resident male style writer, Ian.

You have probably read lots of Ian commentary and blurbs about Men’s fashion trends and styles but little did you know that our very own men’s fashion expert is actually a stylist himself.

And with all his fabulous work for Starved and niche for stylish, we think Ian deserves an honorable mention.

Shifting the limelight for a few minutes, ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce Mr. Ian Cartalaba

1. What are your style inspirations?

Asian street fashion esp. the Japanese mori style, vintage and preppy old classic looks.

2. What’s your favorite era, fashion-wise?

The renaissance, where everyone is very classy and well dressed. The layering of tailored suits from exquisite materials.  The birth of modern art.

3. If you could pick on outfit or piece to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A patterned button-down shirt. it may either be plaid or polka dotted and a pair of loose trousers and a fedora hat.

4. What draws you to fashion?

Fashion gives you character. What you wear on a daily basis give your personality a fabulous boost. Wearing what you love increases your confidence thus making you look even better. Confidence is beauty.

5. What’s the one piece everyone should own, male or female?

A good and well-fitted day shirt. that works well for casual day outs and fits well under a tailored suit. versatile and timeless.

6. Your personal style aesthetic in a sentence?

My style aesthetic is relaxed, natural but whimsical; I dress up on a constant daydream sequence.


Yes, we know, he’s awesome. When you’re not reading his articles on Starved, you can catch Ian at Take a look at some of his styling work in the graphic below.

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