By Ashley “Lionsroam” Williams

Hailing from the West Coast is a soulful artist by the name of Iman Omari. He may only be 22 years young ,but he has just the right “Energy”. His old soul is definitely apparent in his melodic tracks . With elements of jazz and funk his music sends the listeners ears in a state of pure euphoria.


The self-taught musician and former graduate of Alexander Hamilton High School of Music Academy, originally was solely a producer. Iman Omari has produced for various other California artists such as OverDoz, Pac Div, Cee Jay and Dom Kennedy. Omari even can be seen in the credits of “Section 80” as a co-producer on the critical acclaimed mixtape by Kendrick Lamar.

After being convinced to become his own artist by friends, Iman Omari  merged his talents into his debut album entitled “Energy”. Dropping the lp for free via Internet on his birthday November 28th,2011 , he didn’t expect much to come from it. The LP received great reviews and had people wanting more from Omari as an artist. “Worth It” was the lead track  that expressed to a mystery woman that she was indeed worth all his love and affection. The only video released off the LP “Energy” shows Omari perched on a stool smoking a bit or “Mary Jane” ,and ends with a warm embrace to his woman. His conscious decision for a simplistic visual was to not overshadow his smooth lyrics of love. Energy” is filled with strings,bass drums and trumpet tunes that you can kick back and just vibe to. Iman Omari’s compilation of music is authentic.

In 2012 Iman Omari packed his bags and moved out to the East coast and currently resides in New York. Upon arriving to NY his manager suggested that he listen to a New Jersey artist by the name of Moruf. The two artists met and in one month created the soul cleansing album “Euphoria”. This album blended Omari’s California ease mixed with Moruf’s nostalgic hip hop flow. With tracks like ” Clutch” and “School Daze” and my personal favorite “Fallen” the LP is in my opinion perfect music for a Sunday Afternoon spent lying in the grass and just enjoying life in itself.

Iman Omari’s career is very promising. Influenced by Stevie Wonder Jay Dilla and other greats he is sure to keep the listener feeling free and funky. He is what the game has been missing a musician a true artist not relying on Fruityloops or autotune tunes . Iman Omari creates organic music and he is not bad to look at either ladies!  His coy smile, humor, and easing going spirit is magnetic. In 2013 Iman Omari plans to release the sequel to “Energy”, with the LP entitled “(VIBE)rations”. Iman Omari is the truth and  I feel everyone should dwell in his positive energy.

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