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edited & co-written by: Samiat Salami


There are a few things that never go out of style: Cheese, Micheal Jackson’s Third Album, Soup on a cold night and Denim.

Infact some may argue that it is Un-American to meet a person who doesn’t own at least one denim garment. We think people who don’t own denim, clearly don’t understand the concept of convenience. Whether you are dressing down to check out a football game, or headed to the fanciest restaurant in town, a pair of denim jeans will do just the trick.

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To say denim has been around for decades now, would be an understatement.

Denim is a staple. The denim chambray is one of this season’s most famous apparels. It’s not exactly a new trend, but it is a super apparent one.

If you live in a major city, you are bound to find at least three women layered in some form of denim shirt as they wait for the train. Usually trends come and go, but this might actually be one trend that is worth investing in, the versatility is tres manifique! See our pictures below for Winter and Summer ideas.

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It’s the ultimate lazy girl’s piece of clothing. Especially in winter when the weather outside is frightful and the same-old sweaters are less than delightful. While some people have a knack for layering, others need a little guidance and it’s ok. We “summer people” just need a few more months to shine.

Until then, invest in a chambray, then layer the crap out of it and if you already own one (good buy)! Any and every apparel store from Target to Zara carries them, but we have picked some of our favorites, in different styles to suit all sorts of personalities. There are all types: long, short sleeved, sleeveless, cropped, lace, and even knotted.  They can also be worn with just about anything.


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And the best part of it: It can completely be transformed for spring, summer, an even an Indian summer. It’s more bang for your buck!

While Denim Jeans might be as America as Mac & Cheese, Civil War Reenactments and Coca Cola; Denim shirts are proving to be as versatile, which is why they have earned their title as the NEW AMERICANA. 


We combed through a massive list of online retailers and we found a few cute shirts that are worthy of you guys. If you are on a ‘Campbell’s noodle soup-a night’ can of budget, invade and search your local thrift store thoroughly.

Shop and Stay Warm!


Joe’s Jeans Women’s Sodonie Denim Shirt


Zara Women’s Denim Shirt $59.90

Keeper Chambray Shirt J.Crew $78.00

Nasty Gal Acid High Denim Shirt $38.00

Knit Sleeve Chambray Shirt forever 21 $22.80

Distressed Denim Tunic forever 21 $27.80

Light wash denim shirt Wet Seal $19.80

Grunge Ombré bleached dyed trashed denim shirt etsy $16.00

Express chambray shirt $49.90


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