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We the people of Starved are feeling a wee-bit nostalgic, so we thought we’d gather you-our readers-around the invisible camp fire to reminisce about a simple time where a week-long booze fest, entertainment and conspicuous leisure were not just part of the experience, they were the experience. People we’d like to reminisce about homecoming and not that shitty one in high school, no bueno, we are talking about college homecoming.

This year we had some of our correspondents stalk Howard’s homecoming for us, for those who can’t attend, send other people to stalk. Why did we decide to make homecoming a priority, you might ask? Well in the age of grad schools, shitty entry level jobs and shittier student loans, it’s nice to remember the good times we had accumulating those loans.

So to report the glory days back to you, we are going to play a game here. We are going to tell you what our college correspondent said happened and then our very loose artistic interpretation of what really happened.

Here it goes:

Dream Day

Dream Day is an exciting day of events where many successful young celebrities, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and social activists convened to reveal the story behind their success to inspire this generation to live with passion and drive. The event featured people like, Issa Rae, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Fonzworth Bentley, Toye Adedipe, Elton Anderson. The goal was for every student on campus to declare a dream and gain exposure to individuals who have successfully achieved their dreams.

A bunch of really successful people who are about your age, but not really, talked about how successful they are, hence fueling you feel a mixture of inspiration, failure and ambition, the kind of ambition that makes you want to ‘godzilla crush’ competition and fills you with a false sense of  capitalism  entrepreneurship. We dig it. Everyone is a little capitalist, even Deepak Chopra–he is like a gazillionaire. Go into the world and conquer.



Fashion Show

The audience at the Nouveau Riché Fashion Show at this year’s, sat anxiously anticipating the student models to descend down the runway at Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium. In addition to the poised Bison models, this year’s show included Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids. You all may remember him from his work along his counterpart Chuck Inglish, such as When Fish Ride Bicycles, The Bake Sale, and verse on “Mikey Rocks” where he stated “I’m Mikey. I Rock.”
Lucky for the Homecoming Fashion Show, neither Mikey Rocks or the hippy R&B princess herself-Elle Varner who later performed at the end of the show- took away from the fashion itself. The show’s collections featured men’s sports suits, swimwear, evening gowns, and casual attire.

A bunch of cool looking people descended down the runway and walked in fancy clothes. 40% of the audience were there for the clothes (the other cool people in fancy clothes). 10% actually saw the clothes. And the other 50%, they had probably been participating in the boozing part of the booze fest and were just happy to listen to some “runway music,” and attend the after party. It’s not like it a preview designer collection or trade-show or anything, it’s a party, with a runway. Which is just about as awesome as a prolonged party gets. Fun times. 

*Models contact us for individual photos 


Yard Fest

This year’s Yard Fest, artists including Naughty by Nature, Beenie Man, 2 Chainz, Drake, Meek Mill and T.I. performed. As if that line-up wasn’t appealing enough; the event was free.
The highlights of the event came when fans bum-rushed the stage, as Drake approached, nearly trampling down Howard University security.

The part that really matters, eff the football game, that’s for D-1 schools. Two words: Free concert. Nuff said. As if the free part wasn’t enough, in house entertainment thank to by the Yizzy mob. Ain’t undergrad grand?

Step Show

Pusha-T himself headlined the Greek competition following the Homecoming Game. All prominent sororities and fraternities stepped on the stage at DAR Constitution Hall. The Deltas and Alphas came out with victories at the end of the evening.

A bunch of people in colorful uniformed shirts with greek letters, indulge in strange synchronized dancing and looked good while doing it. Some famous guy from The Clipse was there. 

Well that’s our re-cap/”artistic” interpretation.

While we might be hesitant to appreciate the elaborate pageantry of it all, because we can be jealous ‘grown-up’ bastards, the point is, it’s fun to look back and live vicariously through the youngins.