Marissa Webb - Presentation - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

While the world has been on edge to see what Rihanna would be wearing to this year’s MTV VMAs, we care a little bit more about New York City’s Fashion Week. Each year it becomes harder and harder to find originality on New York’s crowded streets; I’m talking from experience, I live there.

And as of now, London is the fashion capital for the second year in a row; what’s going on New York? During Fashion Week we see the same old trends on the streets left over from the week before, just with more expensive taste or cheaper even (New Yorkers do love their thrift stores).

As fashion week in New York City, London, Paris, and Milan came to an end a good friend of mine and an aspiring fashion designer, Stephon Gibbs, didn’t hesitate to bash on New York’s style in a conversation about New York’s street credit. “I think fashion week in New York was horrible, few people came out with originality. Everyone seemed to forget that the price tag doesn’t mean your fashionable, because they had high end pieces and looked tacky they had no style. It was sad.” He didn’t end off there either, going on to talk about Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) “…and the event itself that night was hectic in the streets. It wasn’t as good as the year before, but I did see a good amount of simple styled individuals.” Apparently I’m not the only one who’s not feeling New York this year.

In NY mag: The Cut ( a fashion blogger in London, Susie Bubble, shares her viewpoint on the event and I can’t help but agree. “It’s a cliche, but New York is a lot more commercial. It’s a lot safer. Their lines are there to sell. At London Fashion Week, everyone has their own signature style and they don’t really conform to the trends.”

And there it is folks, NY’s Fashion Week is plummeting and we can skip on the slowly but surely part.