Grills on purple children, Vintage hood fab videos, and Soulja Boy’s handful of gold. Sounds like a Starved hood-takeover, huh? We wish.

Meet 21-year-old Robert Gallardo, videographer, painter, graphic designer, all around artist. He’s just a cool creator. He designed Soulja Boy’s “Gold On Deck” Mixtape Cover and Lil’ B used his Painting for his “Where did the Sun Go” mixtape cover. Inspired by the Great Andy Warhol, he states “I want my work to make people question what art really is, and how did he get away with calling that art.”

Sooo yea he’s talented and the cool artsy name doesn’t hurt either.

Stalk Him on His Site www.robertgallardo.com and Twitter @realbobgallardo. You Know The Deal

Check the dope artwork below… Videos and All